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Support us!

Are you enjoying the music from de Concertzender? Support us to continue broadcasting!

Three ways to support us:

  • With the donation of minimum € 25,- per year, you can  become a friend and enjoy a number privileges.
  • Directly make one time donation with bank transfer (for Dutch residents) or PayPal (for residents outside Europe).
  • You can also donate regularly upon agreement. This will make you a Friend, plus you get some tax benefit.

To keep on broadcasting the music programs you enjoy, de Concertzender needs your support greatly.  De Concertzender is largely dependent on donors, small or large. We are inviting all of our supporters to contribute. 100% of your contribution will directly benefit de Concertzender.


125% deduction
Since January 1, 2012 a tax measure has been implemented for donors of institutions with cultural ANBI/PBO status such as de Concertzender. Individuals may deduct 125from the donation from the income tax return. For more information, please visit the website of the Tax Administration.


ANBI/PBO status
De Concertzender treats all the donation meticulously and has been designated as a cultural ANBI/PBO (a public benefit organization) by the Tax Administration. ANBI institutions are exempt from gift and inheritance taxes, as referred to in Article 14 paragraph 4 of the Succession. Therefore, your donation goes 100% for the benefit of de Concertzender.


By mentioning de Concertzender in your will, the world, especially music lovers will inherit something as special and as valuable as de Concertzender.


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