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You will leave the world, especially music lovers in particular, something beautiful when you include de Concertzender in your will.

Legate or heir

There are two ways  to incorporate de Concertzender in your will: as legate or heir.

  • We speak of a legate if you leave a clearly defined part of your legacy to a party. It can be a percentage of the legacy or a valuable work of art.
  • (co-) heir will get their share after all costs are paid out and each heir receives their share. The legacy will be dealt in a proper way with next of kin, executors and notaries.


Exempt from inheritance tax

De Concertzender is exempt from paying inheritance and gift taxes, your legacy or inheritance accrues entirely for de Concertzender. For more information please visit the site of the Tax Administration.

The inclusion of a charity in your will is an important decision and has to be done in the presence of a notary.

Please contact us for further more information.

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