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Sponsor us!

Sponsoring de Concertzender can help your company/organisation increase brand awareness, be positioned as a music patron, and more.

De Concertzender makes weekly programs which reach thousands of people. Each program has its own character and audience. In addition to that, people come to de Concertzender website for the Theme Channels and Just aired programs. You can become our sponsor by adopting a Theme Channel or a project.

Adopt a program
De Concertzender broadcasts around 40 different programs weekly, including: Jazz Piano, Nuove Musiche, Kroniek van de Nederlandse Muziek, Oriënt Express and X-Rated. These are programs exploring music genres not easily found on mainstream radio. If you share the sentiment, you can adopt a program to make sure that it stays.

Adopt a theme channel
Each theme channel carries its own music genre. On these channels, you will find different programs within the genre that we have broadcasted in the past, with the exception of Dutch Music Media channel which broadcasts new Dutch music. You can choose one genre which fits you or your company and adopt it.

Adopt a project

De Concertzender can use your support in projects such as recording concerts, developing app(s), improving the website, buying equipments, etc.

If you sponsor a program or a theme channel, your company / organisation will be attributed as a sponsor in the program or theme channel itself, on our website and in our annual report.

If you’re interested in adopting a theme channel, program or project, please email sponsor@concertzender.nl or call Sem de Jongh at +3130 231 20 96.



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