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Willem De Ridder (1939-2022 )

wed 29 mar 2023
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Sunday, April 2nd, Bob Rusche and Hessel Veldman will reflect on Willem de Ridder’s Endless Easter Parade in X-Rated.

On Monday, April 10th, a major event will take place in Paradiso in Amsterdam. 55 years ago, De Ridder was one of the co-founders of this pop temple. And because the curtain has fallen for Willem himself, his friends, family and Paradiso itself are organizing a big farewell party. Artworks by De Ridder can be experienced in and outside Paradiso. The building will be converted into a mega theater and music and theater performances will take place throughout the building from three in the afternoon until midnight.

And after 10th April, the Concertzender in Thema of Wednesday 12th April will once again reflect on the experimental radio plays that run like a common thread through Willem de Ridder’s life. Some radio plays have even recently been found in the archive of De Ridder. And in Thema heard for the first time on the radio. So listen to Thema on Wednesday 12th April from 20:00.

But you can listen to more of Willem de Ridder on our channel. Via this link FLUXUS RADIO ART   you can listen back to his wonderful sound art.

Click here to visit the Paradiso website for the latest news about The Endless Easter Parade.