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sun 10 dec 2023 19:00 hour

A musical serial. Episode 378: Coherent Light

0. Sensenta Intro #1

1. Norihito Suda – Light Rain
Light Snowfall, 2017, Facture

2. Martin Stürtzer – Abyssopelagic Zone
Aquatic Cosmos, 2023, Martin Stürtzer

3. State Azure – the Aquila Collective
The Aquila Collective, 2023, State Azure

4. The Hive Project – A Singular Destiny
Teleology, 2023, DataObscura

5. Jez Riley French – Star Farm Parallel
Ísland | Star Farm / Star Farm Parallel, 2023, Jez Riley French

6. Harrold Roeland – Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Tall Version)
Sleep in Heavenly Peace (single), 2023, Rocókon

7. Yann Novak – Super Coherent Light
The Voice of Theseus, 2023, Room40

(Speellijst wordt tijdens de uitzending aangevuld)

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