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It is 1992. Just as every year, the Concertzender records string quartets and piano trios.

The string quartet and piano trio are both classic genres that have been around since the eighteenth century and are still popular today. In today’s program, we’ll listen to two concerts from 1992, featuring quartets and trios from the twentieth century.

The first concert showcases the Gaudeamus Quartet with guest musician: pianist Klaas Bakker. They’ll perform pieces by two female composers: Elisabeth Lutyens from Britain and Ruth Crawford Seeger from America. Seeger’s string quartet from 1931 is particularly noteworthy for its avant-garde style, fitting in with innovators like Charles Ives and Henry Cowell.

The Osiris Trio will present three trios from the nineteenth century, starting at the beginning, with Vítězslav Novák’s piece from 1902. Then, we’ll hear a recent composition by living, contemporary composer Roel van Oosten. Finally, we’ll conclude with Dimitri Shostakovich’s Second Piano Trio, a beloved piece among chamber music fans, despite its melancholic tone.


1. Elisabeth Lutyens – Nine bagatelles for cello and piano, op. 10
2. Elisabeth Lutyens – String Quartet no.6, opus 25
3. Elisabeth Lutyens – Driving out the death, opus 81
4. Ruth Crawford Seeger – Piano study in mixed accents
5. Ruth Crawford Seeger – String Quartet
6. Vítězslav Novák – Pianotrio ‘Quasi una ballata’, opus 27
7. Roel van Oosten – Piano trio
8. Dimitri Sjostakovitsj – Piano trio no. 2 in E, opus 67

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