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Improvements to our website

thu 28 dec 2023
Theme: General

Our website has been updated! We have made it easier to use by introducing many of the changes suggested by our listeners. A new feature has also been added that allows you to save your favorite programs in MyConcertzender!


Are you listening to a program that you definitely will want to hear again? Then like it by clicking on the heart and you will quickly be able to find it in your own list of favourite programmes on MyConcerzender. Note that you will have to create a personal account to be able to use this feature.

A brief summary of some of the other changes:

  • the section ‘Listen Now’ on the Home page allows quick access to the last four programmes that have been broadcast as well as to the programme that is currently being broadcast;
  • the section ‘ConcertPodium’ on the Home page provides access to the Concerzender music archives.
  • the links in the section ‘Discover’ on the Home page lead to a genre page dedicated to each of the music genres that you can hear on the Concertzender;
  • the section ‘Non-Stop’ on each of the genre pages provides acccess to the Theme channel for that genre;
  • the theme channels can also be accessed via the main menu.


We’d love to hear what you think of the website! Leave your comments on ourĀ contact form.