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Erik Voermans the new programme maker for Contemporary Music

tue 31 jan 2023

Last month, Erik Voermans joined the team that focusses on Contemporary Music at the Concertzender. Erik Voermans was Het Parool’s Classical Music editor for decades until 2022. He wrote books such as Van Andriessen tot Zappa (2015) and First Aid for Classical Music (2019) and recently made his debut as a novelist. He is also active as a composer. His 25th album is expected next month, with saxophonist Yuri Honing in a solo role.

Although Voermans has often been heard on the radio, making his own programmes is new to him. “Making radio is a long-cherished, but never fulfilled wish of mine,” says Voermans. “So I am very pleased that I can now put together two programmes for the Concertzender. One hour every third Tuesday of the month with contemporary music and two hours every two months based on a theme. My first theme broadcast I have built around the figure of Pierre Boulez, whose music I play together with work by Philippe Manoury, who composed an in memoriam for him, and with a work by Augusta Reed Thomas, an American whom Boulez held in high esteem. After two programmes I already know one thing for sure: making radio is even more fun than I thought.”

Listen to his first programme

Broadcast Theme: Wednesday 8th February